Denise Mackinnon RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Denise Mackinnon RMT Registered Massage Therapist

Denise Mackinnon RMT is a registered massage therapist in Nanaimo, BC. Massage therapy is considered a vital part of health care and wellness in British Columbia, and regular sessions can help keep you in top condition, both physically and mentally.

Our lives are busy, and the hectic pace and overwhelm can catch up with us. Whether you are working at a repetitive job, working too much, or just plain busy with life, it is easy to stop taking care of yourself to free up time for everything and everyone else.

It is time to take back your health.  It is so much easier to maintain health and wellness, rather than waiting until you are on the quest to "fix".  Massage therapy is a fantastic way to soothe soft tissue, ease tension, and recharge body and mind.

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Making life choices to promote wellness are just as important as regular massage therapy.  Everything you ingest, apply to your body, do to your body, and use in your homes either helps or hinders your wellness endeavors.  Be conscious of the environment you area creating for yourself and your family. The goal of this website is to empower you to take care of yourself, not only in the massage therapy treatment room, but afterwards in your own home.

Simple Health Ideas Blog contains self help articles on stretching, strengthening, self massage, healthy recipes and other mindful ideas.

Whatever you decide to do, no matter how small the step, each move towards putting your wellness first is a step away from the consequences of self-neglect.  Have a happy, healthy day!