Denise Mackinnon, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

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"I have been having regular massage therapy appointments from Denise for the past seven years to maintain a healthy back since I suffered a major sciatic nerve attack. I was on heavy duty drugs for nearly two months and then had an epidural treatment and was finally getting some relief, but I felt the problem was going to be a recurring one if I didn't find a way to maintain the health of my lower back, so I decided to try massage. It is amazing the difference that it has made for me, and if I stretch my appointment out too far I can feel that it wouldn't take much to have a recurrence. Because of this I have been seeing Denise regularly and have had no further attacks. Anyone who has suffered with sciatica should give this type of treatment a try. Even my doctor is amazed at the difference massage has made for me.

Beryl Feser, Nanaimo

"Denise Mackinnon has been my massage therapist for the past seven years. I credit my treatment sessions with her as the main reason that I have been able to continue working at a difficult job that I love. I find Denise approachable, knowledgeable and current in her field. She is quick to include advice and demonstrations of stretches and other techniques to alleviate symptoms of discomfort. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Denise to anyone who requires massage therapy".

Susan Poscenrieder, Nanaimo 

"I began seeing Denise a number of years ago, after trying many other treatments with only partial relief. The results have been outstanding. After many years of debilitating headaches and back pain that restricted my lifestyle, I sought an addition to the chiropractic treatments that had only been doing half the job. During discussions with my doctor, we decided to try massage therapy. Within a few weeks of beginning treatment with Denise, I had significant improvement in the frequency and severity of my headaches. I also found that the lower back pain that I've lived with for a very long time has been made bearable. All in all, my quality of life has been greatly improved and I sincerely believe that Denise has been the main reason for this improved mobility. I highly recommend Denise as a caring, compassionate, and thoroughly knowledgeable therapist. After getting to know her over these past years, I feel as if she has become a good friend and is deserving of my full and unqualified support."

Vicki Gardner, Nanaimo

"My family has a history of lower back problems, due to bad posture. I was always fidgeting and stretching discomfort out. This, along with my love for extreme sports, meant I suffered most of the time with chronic pain. At the advice of my chiropractor, I looked around for a good RMT. Little did I know my family had been plugged into "the best one" for a couple of years already! My grandmother and my mother, who was a nurse for 35 years, both recommended Denise. I have been treated by Denise for over 5 years now and have learned a ton about how by body works. In addition to my regular treatments, she has custom fit me with quick routines that I can do anywhere. What is more is that they actually work! I continue to do them today. One is a hip flexor stretch I do before my toes hit the floor - done in one minute and my sciatica issues are GONE! THANKS DENISE!"

Dean D. Nanaimo

"All I can say is 'wow!' I am always impressed with the treatment I receive from Denise. Not only is she excellent at her job, but she is also so caring and approachable. I never have to wait for my appointment, and she always knows exactly where I need work done, even if I don't tell her anything. Even though she spends lots of time working out the knots, she always manages to leave me feeling so relaxed and stress free that I float all day! I highly recommend Denise - she is a fantastic therapist!"

Victoria Johnson, Nanaimo

"Denise Mackinnon was my massage therapist for 8 years, until I moved from Nanaimo. I tried several people before I found Denise. She was able to bring great relief to many aching muscles with numerous issues that came and went over the time span I was with her. Her skilled ability, provided in a relaxing, very clean and professional environment, solved problems created from stressed muscle overuse. Denise was always able to pinpoint the problematic areas and work them out. She was a wealth of information providing me with take home exercises to help stretch and strengthen problem areas. I would highly recommend Denise and have to many people. You know all areas are being met by a practitioner when you stay with them for many years and send family and friends to them. I miss her expert treatments and I believe that massage therapy should be an integral part of everyone's health care".

Janice Mitchell, Vancouver

Denise Mackinnon, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist
Nanaimo, BC

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